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Cash Advance and Military Payday Loan for Bad Credit Personnel

About payday loans and cash advances for members of the military


If you are a member of the military and are considering a cash advance or payday loan, check to see if your loan provider offers any type of discounts or a special payment arrangement for military members. Some lenders do issue military payday loans and cash loans for military personnel at attractive rate. Borrowers will need to prove they are or were in service, and provide a checking account number or a voided check. Payday loans for military with bad credit are also available. In some cases, these types of deferred deposit loans have more favorable interest rates and could be the best option for any military member who needs cash fast.


Types of Cash Loans for Military Personnel


The most common types of cash loans for military personnel are military payday loans and military cash advance payment arrangements. Even though these loans offer a convenient way to get cash before payday, they do come at a high price. Lenders that offer payday loans and cash advances will charge an origination fee for the service, and higher-than-average interest rates for the loan. In some cases, the interest rates can be a three-digit APR and ends up costing the borrower several hundred dollars in interest over the course of the loan term. Still, military personnel who need money quickly to cover bills or other expenses in the short-term may benefit from these loans.


Since these types of cash loans for military personnel are short-term loans, the borrower may have the option to rollover the loan or request an extension to repay the loan amount. This doesn’t mean, however, that the interest rate will change. In most cases, the borrower will still be responsible for paying the full loan amount plus a significant amount of interest that has accumulated each month of the loan term.


Laws Governing Military Payday Loans


As with other types of loans granted to the general public by payday lenders and cash advance providers, loans issued to military personnel are regulated by certain laws and do have limitations. Every state has different requirements and restrictions for military payday loans and for lenders who provide a military cash advance. Most states have set a payday loan maximum amount; have a limit on how much interest can be charged on the loan; and caps on origination fees.


Military personnel or retired military personnel will need to provide their military ETS, a checking account number or a voided check, and other forms of identification in order to apply for the loan. Once the application has been approved, the money will be transferred to the borrower’s checking account immediately.


Payday Loans for Military with Bad Credit


Military personnel with bad credit or a poor credit history may still be able to get a military payday loan. It’s important to remember that you do not need to be in active service in order to apply for military payday loans or other types of cash loans for military personnel. Some borrowers are retired military members, but they can still apply for attractive loan offers and cash advances with lower-than-average interest rates. No collateral besides a check is required in most cases, and the borrower can get the cash they need quickly and confidentially. Those with bad credit can set up a manageable payment plan so that they do not end up defaulting on the loan.